Once upon a time there was a poor family of four. The mother and father and the two kids. One night the mother suggested if they get rid of the two kids named Hansel and Gretel. But the mother did not know that Hansel and Gretel were listening. So Gretel started to panic but Hansel told her that he would open the lock on the door and when he did Hansel got a bunch of white rocks and put them in his pocket. So next morning their mother said they were all going to the woods. So on the way Hansel grabbed a rock from his pocket put it on the ground. When his mother asked why he was slowing down he said that he was watching a cat sitting on the roof. Then the mother said that that was just the sun. The parents made a campfire somewhere and told the kids to wait right there. Hansel and Gretel waited there for a long time then they started to fall asleep. Then when they woke up it was night time. Then they followed the rocks which were shining on the ground. They got back home in morning while the father was happy the mom was furious. So that night once again the mother suggested that they abandon them again. Again Hansel and Gretel were listening and Hanel tried to go outside but this time the lock was tighter and the windows were shut. So next morning the mother gave them a loaf of bread. On the way Hansel made a path with the crumbs. Another fire was made somewhere deeper in the woods. They again told the children to stay there. As time passed on they started to fall fast asleep. When they woke up it was nigh time again. They were about to follow the crumb path but found out that the birds ate the path. So they went the way they thought it was. Later on they found a giant house made out of candy. They ate it until they heard a voice. Suddenly an old woman came out.